It is evident that ever since the beginning of our time we have been extra protective of our babies and their security. If you go back in time, there have been different ways for carrying babies around and also making it easier for the parents to handle them simultaneously is close to them. But another not unknown fact about the babies and parents that an infant is not as easy to handle as it may seem. We all know for a fact that a parent is driven crazy in order to tame their new baby since it is adjusting to cope with the environment, new people, and life.

That is why it is most commonly said that the number of baby accessories is not made for the child’s comfort but to make their parents feel at ease and get some security of their child’s well being.

Having said about equipment related to infants and accessories, which is the most useful child accessory that we know of? Well, it is hard to name just one accessory because everything is for one use or another but traveling with an infant is the greatest challenge for a parent. Yes, there are strollers which are rather the first choice of a parent but one cannot stroll the stroller everywhere because one is simply to get tired and it is not easy to travel with, as well. And so, baby carriers made their meaningful existence just in time and we couldn’t be thankful for it.

Now, it is much easier for a parent to carry their child while they are on the go and also to keep their child close to them which makes the child less irritable. More than what people know about the baby carriers, that is, it is a recent invention, they don’t know for a fact that the idea of a baby carrier has been around for a very long time which has only been recreated in a more wearable and fashionable manner by the modern manufacturers. Ancient women or tribal mothers would make carriers out of cloth or banana leaves and carry their child around in it while they worked. And yet again, we have to undoubtedly than our bygone eras for another meaningful and helpful invention which has drastically made it easier for the parents to travel around with their kid.

Read more about child carriers, their benefits, buying guide as well as an entire list of bestseller baby carriers in India given below.

Benefits of using a baby carrier

  • It helps flat head syndrome which happens if the baby is lying on its back for too long.
  • It makes the baby less vulnerable to crying.
  • The baby’s heart rate and body temperature are more balanced when it is close to your chest.
  • It helps mother with a colicky
  • Baby tends to get better sleep in a baby carrier.
  • The mother can go about doing her daily chores even with her baby for it will be quieter, alert and playful.
  • A mother who is vulnerable to suffering from post-natal depression could be treated naturally by using a baby carrier which feels more or less, just like the belly.
  • It is easy to breastfeed the child in public if it is in a baby carrier than any other mode of carrying.
  • A baby carrier helps in making a better mother-child bond than any other form of carrying.
  • By having a baby carrier you can have all your kids together without being too occupied with your newborn child alone.
  • It is a great way to shed weight post labor.
  • It also increases the milk production in mothers.

Types of baby carriers

Before moving onto buying a baby carrier knows that there is a wide variety of baby carriers available in the market. Find the one which is more suitable for your routine and other factors. Keep in mind your comfort and you are good to go!

1. Woven wraps

This is a versatile option in baby carriers available in the market and for mothers who are working. It is usually made from Oeko-Tek fabric which is very soft, safe and ensures 100% security for a baby in the carrier. It has higher weight limits than any other type of baby carrier.

2. Soft carrier

Another versatile and bestseller choice made by the parents is the soft carrier. It is the easiest to learn and user-friendly baby carrier. It might be hard for a first-time mother to learn how to wear a baby carrier and it is always advisable to start with a soft carrier. Also, it comes with padded shoulders that resist extra pressure on the shoulders.

3. Heavy duty hard-shell carriers

As the name suggests, this is an ultra securable heavy duty baby carrier which is made exclusively for extracurricular activities such as hiking. This type of baby carrier offers maximum back support to the parent.

Buying guide for a baby carrier

When buying a baby carrier, make sure you keep the following things in your mind since it could be of great significance for you later.

  • Is it easy to clean? This should be your first and foremost question to consider because you need to make sure that your baby stays in a safer and cleaner environment. And since his most of the time is going to be in the baby carrier, it is only safe if you consider if the carrier is washable or not.
  • Look for your comfort- now this is most often a requirement of every parent because managing baby weight on your shoulders could be quite a task! Therefore, it is advisable if you choose a carrier with padded straps.
  • Adjustment and mother-friendly- now look for maximum comfort for the mother while buying it. One of this includes the positioning of the baby carrier.

Best Buy Baby Carriers in India 2018

Now that you know all about the baby carriers it is the time that you make your choice and purchase the most comfortable, and mother-friendly carriers. Let see below what are the top baby carriers in the market?

6. Chinmay Kids Baby Carrier

Chinmay Kids Baby Carrier

  • This baby carrier is good for a 1-30 months old infant.
  • It has a special alignment for the baby who makes the babyface frontwards and so he can breathe much better.
  • It has comfortable backpack-like padded shoulder straps.
  • It has four additional baby positions for comfortable positioning.
  • It is made of high-grade, and durable material.
  • To ensure double protection, it has safety buckles and 3D ventilation on the back to make it more breathable.

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5. Infantino 4-In-1 Baby Carriers

Infantino 4-In-1 Baby Carriers

  • This is a grey-colored baby carrier
  • It is a 4-in-1 baby carrier with double protection
  • It also can be used as a convertible seat
  • It is a machine washable baby carrier
  • It has comfortable padded shoulder straps and double buckles for protection

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4. Infantino Zip Travel Baby Carrier

Infantino Zip Travel Baby Carrier

This is a black polka dotted baby carrier

It has a specially created fold for the baby to be put in and stay there safely

It has waist belt which could also be used a way to pack and unpack the entire baby carrier

It is a 2-in1 baby carrier

The baby can easily nap in it while you are walking with it

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3. BabyGo baby carrier

BabyGo baby carrier

  • This is one of the most loved and used baby carrier by the users
  • It can be used in 4 different ways for the baby to be seated
  • It is suitable for 3-12-month-old baby
  • It has padded shoulder straps
  • It has adjustable buckle straps to manage the weight as well as the secure the baby
  • Its construction is extremely thoughtful which is made specially keeping in mind the comfort of the mother and the protection of baby in it.

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2. Little Pumpkin Baby Carrier

Little Pumpkin Baby Carrier

  • This is a black and grey baby carrier.
  • It can be used for 6-24 months old baby.
  • The carrier could be used in three different positions for the child according to your and his comfort.
  • It can carry weight up to 15kgs.
  • It has wide and padded shoulders for maximum support.

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1. And Retails baby carrier

And Retails baby carrier

  • This is a red colored baby carrier.
  • It has criss-cross shoulder straps.
  • The straps are padded and have support buckle straps for added security of the child.
  • It is a 3-in-1 baby carrier, that is, it can be used in three different positions.
  • It is made from cotton fabric
  • It is washable

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for your child’s and your own best, it is advisable for every parent to buy a baby carrier and hold their child close to yourself as well as keeping them safe and secure in your embrace.

Look carefully and follow the above-given guide thoughtfully in order to be content with your purchase of the baby carrier.

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