Baby needs a lot of care when he is born. The initial few years are a little tough as the skin of the baby is really sensitive. In addition to this, the products for the baby need to be of high quality which doesn’t cause any reaction or allergy to the baby. Moreover, even the mildest soap can prove to be harsh for baby’s skin and it can cause extreme dryness. To deal with all these things, it is always recommended to use moisturizer after giving a bath to the baby.

The baby should get a proper shampoo, soap, lotion, and wipes which are meant for baby and not for adults.

In such a case, you must purchase the baby lotions from the reputed brands. Here are some other factors that you must consider before making a purchase of the baby lotions in India

Buying Guide for Baby Lotion

Chemical Free – The baby lotion should be free of chemicals. This is the base criteria to be considered while buying a baby lotion. In addition to this, go for the lotions with organic ingredients. Ensure that there are no preservatives or paraben in the baby lotion.

Fragrance – The fragrance of the baby lotion should be mild. Some of the baby lotions are available in fragrance-less variants and you can opt for these as they do not cause any irritation to the baby.

Balanced – It is always better to go for Ph. neutral baby lotions as they can help in maintaining the Ph. of the skin and hence preventing any possibility of skin infection or other skin related issues.

Clinically tested – Most of the baby lotions are clinically tested and hence you need to steer clear of the lotions that have not been tested clinically. Also, check for allergy information on the package of the baby lotion.

These were some of the basic criteria to be considered while making a purchase of the baby lotion. If you want to know which all baby lotions are the best in India then the article is for you as we have compiled the list of the best baby lotions available in India.

So, here is the list.

List of Best Baby Lotions Available In India

10. Lotus Herbals Baby+ Tender Touch Baby Body Lotion, 100ml

Lotus Herbals Baby+ Tender Touch Baby Body Lotion

This is a newly available product in India and lotus is certainly quite a trusted brand. You can check out the product page for more details about the Lotus Herbal Baby Lotion. The formula is clinically tested and safe for newborn babies. It is certainly a must try the baby lotion.

  • Clinically tested formula
  • balance lotion made of all natural ingredients.
  • Recommended by many pediatricians
  • Preservative and Phthalate free formula for babies
  • Contains goodness of shea butter and calendula extracts.

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9. The Moms Co. Natural Baby Lotion – 200ml

The Moms Co. Natural Baby Lotion

If you prefer an organic baby lotion with a mild fragrance then you can also opt for the baby lotion from Moms Co. The lotion is one of the highest rated lotions available in India and it is because of the quality of the product. Check out all the reviews of the Moms Co. Baby Lotion with help of the link mentioned below.

  • Contains all natural oils and butter to moisturise the skin of the baby.
  • USDA certified and safe for the use for babies less than 3 years of age.
  • The formula doesn’t have any toxins and the formula doesn’t contain any artificial or synthetic material.
  • The baby lotion contains shea butter, organic rice bran, cocoa butter, jojoba oils and apricot.

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8. Mama earth Daily moisturising Natural Baby Lotion (400 ml)

Mama earth Daily moisturising Natural Baby Lotion

Next on our list is baby lotion from Mama Earth. The lotion comes in an easy dispensable bottle. This particular lotion has received a lot of positive feedback. You can check all these reviews and product description by going to the link below.

  • The baby lotion is totally toxin free and it is hypoallergenic.
  • This baby lotion provides deep nourishment to the baby and it contains natural ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, and calendula extracts.
  • The product had been through several iterations of clinical tests so as to ensure that the product is safe for use.

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7. Mee Mee moisturising Baby Lotion with Fruit Extracts, 500ml

Mee Mee moisturising Baby Lotion

Mee Mee is a popular brand when it comes to baby products. The baby products of this brand are safe to use and they have a very good quality. You can try the baby lotion from this brand and you will certainly not be disappointed. Here are more details about the same.

  • The baby lotion contains fruit extracts which adds a sweet and pleasant fragrance to the lotion.
  • The lotion is available in various sizes and hence you can purchase the one as per your usage.
  • This baby lotion can be used right after the birth as it is free from all chemicals.
  • The skin absorbs the lotion easily and the lotion doesn’t make the skin sticky.

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6. Sebamed Baby Lotion, 400ml

All German products are known for the perfect product quality. This lotion is no different as it is manufactured in Germany. Here are all the details about the baby lotion from Sebamed and you can also order it by following the link below.

  • Sebamed lotion has chamomile extracts along with 7% lipid which makes it easy for the skin to absorb the nutrients.
  • The lotion is made of natural ingredients.
  • You can use the lotion for giving the baby a gentle massage just after the bath and this will keep the skin moisturised.

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5. Chicco Baby Moments, Body Lotion, 500ml

Chicco Baby Moments, Body Lotion

If your baby has a sensitive skin then you can also buy this baby lotion from Chicco. The lotion is hypoallergenic which minimises the risk of any type of allergy. The lotion is available in various packings and you should certainly give it a try if your baby has a really sensitive skin.

  • The base ingredients of the lotion are almond milk which is very beneficial for the baby.
  • The lotion is a non-greasy formula and it is free from parabens, alcohol, and dyes.
  • The lotion has a formula which minimises the risk of allergy or skin rashes.

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4. Aveeno Baby Daily moisturising Lotion for Delicate Skin (227g)

Aveeno Baby Daily moisturising Lotion

This lotion from Aveeno has a long-lasting effect. The formula moisturises the skin for 24 hours and it contains the goodness of oats. There are different baby products available from Aveeno and you can check them all by visiting the page mentioned below.

  • The baby lotion is free of fragrance, paraben, and phthalate.
  • The lotion contains oats which certainly helps in moisturising the skin.
  • It is an American brand and it is widely preferred in the USA. Hence you can trust the brand easily.

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3. Johnson’s Baby Lotion (200ml)

Johnson's Baby Lotion

One of the most popular products in Indian market is from Johnson’s. The lotion is available in two different fragrances and both are quite amazing. You can opt for various combos and to get all the details about the product, you can check the product page for this baby lotion.

  • This lotion locks the moisture and provides nourishment for 24 hours.
  • The lotion is very mild and it doesn’t cause any type of irritation to the baby.
  • Johnson’s baby products are totally safe and they are used by mothers for decades and hence you do not have to worry about the quality of the product.

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2. Baby Dove Baby Lotion Rich Moisture (200ml)

Baby Dove Baby Lotion Rich Moisture

There is nothing gentler than Dove Products and this is also true for the baby lotion from Dove. The lotion comes with a moisture-rich formula and here is rest of the details about the baby lotion from Dove.

  • The baby lotion is very gentle on the baby’s skin as it has a neutral Ph.
  • The lotion has been tested by a dermatologist as well as paediatricians.
  • It is the perfect formula for the babies with a dry skin.
  • It can be used daily and it has a mild fragrance which is often loved by the babies.

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1. Himalaya Baby Lotion (100ml)

Himalaya Baby Lotion

If you choose to check the reviews before buying the product then you will not be disappointed by checking this baby lotion from Himalaya. The product has over 3000 reviews and it has amazing reviews as well. Here are the details of the baby lotion

  • The lotion is available in different packings ranging from 100 ml to 400 ml.
  • The lotion is enriched with herbs along with Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Licorice and Country Mallow.
  • There is no presence of Parabens or mineral oil in this baby lotion.
  • The lotion is very mild and gentle for babies.

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Final Expression 

This was all about the baby lotions in India and you can choose the one which suits your need. Do not forget to check out the deals on online stores and you can get a lot of discounts along with free delivery on most of the e-commerce sites.

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