A majority of people in India loves playing cricket. In fact, there would be only a small fraction of people who would not prefer watching the game or getting involved in playing the game with friends. There was a time when cricket bat, balls, stumps, and bodyguard kits were costly. Most of the middle-class people could only dream of owning one. However, today things have changed a lot. There a numerous brands/manufacturers that sell their products as kits/bundle rather than separately. This in turn, attracts more customers and helps them acquire everything required for the game in one go.

As I mentioned, in the beginning,  numerous brands/manufacturers market their products as a single pack, which, in turn, makes it a difficult task in selecting the best product. Here are some of the key factors that could help you select and purchase the best product on the market today.

Size – Yes, cricket bats and bodyguard kits come in different sizes. It is very important to check the product specification before purchasing it. Most of the cricket kits come with a manufacturer declaring the age group for which the product is suitable. On the other hand, some brands come with size description. Here is the list of bat sizes and all the details related to it.

Bat Size Bat Handle length Suitable for age Suitable for players with height
1 64cms 4-5 4’3”
2 70cms 5-7 4’3” to 4’6”
3 73cms 7-8 4’6” to 4’9”
4 76cms 9-11 4’9” to 4’11”
5 78cms 10-12 4’11” to 5’2”
6 81cms 11-13 5’2” to 5’4”
H 83cms 12-14 5’4” to 5’6”
Full Size 85cms 15+ 5’7” and above

Brand – When it comes to selecting a product, the brand reputation is very important. With this being told, you should remember that not all brands market cricket kits. However, there are manufacturers/brands that market all their products as bundle/kits. The only way to identify such brands is by checking the customer reviews posted on the e-commerce websites.

Quality – No one would prefer purchasing a low-quality product. The one thing you should know is that top-quality products come from top brands. On an e-commerce website, the quality of the product can be determined by reading the reviews posted by verified customers on the site.

Weight – The factor weight here refers to the weight of the cricket bat. Yes, if you are an experienced or intermediate cricket player, you would know the importance of weight while purchasing a cricket bat. A heavy bat can deliver more swing, so the shots could be powerful. However, at the same time will not be suitable for sharp cuts or drive shot.

The number of items in the kit and price – it is a basic fact that as the number of items increases in a kit the price would go up. While purchasing a cricket kit, always check the number of items in the kit, then compare two or more kits with the same items, and then finalize to purchase a suitable product. Always consider buying a product (cricket kit) with a medium price tag or above medium price tag. As the price of the kit decreases, the quality might also be considerably low.

List of Best Cricket Kits In India

1. Wasan Cricket Set 5 Cricket Kit

Wasan Cricket Set 5 Cricket Kit

This cricket kit from the brand Wasan includes items like a cricket bat, 4 stumps, base, bails, a cricket ball, and a carry bag.

  • The size of the cricket bat is 5 and is suitable for kids of age between 10-16 years
  • The willow bat comes with a cane handle and the entire bat weighs 475gms
  • The stumps are made of genuine timber and has a length of 61cms
  • The overall length of the cricket bat is almost 79cms

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2. SG Kashmir Eco Cricket Kit

SG Kashmir Eco Cricket Kit

The SG Kashmir Eco cricket kit from the brand SG includes items like a cricket bat, leg guard, thigh guard, arm guard, Abdo guard, batting gloves, and a carry bag.

  • Even though, the product comes with a carry bag. The manufacturer offers a separate cover for the bat.
  • The kit carry bags are made of high-quality nylon material
  • The cricket bat in this kit is Kashmir willow type
  • The brand manufactures some of the best cricket kits in India. However, this product comes in different variants with different bat sizes.

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3. GM Complete Kit without Helmet, Junior

GM Complete Kit without Helmet, Junior

This cricket kit includes items like a bat, batting pad, thigh pad, abdominal guard, arm guard, gloves, and carry bag.

  • The bat in this cricket kit is of size 6 and is of Kashmir willow type
  • This cricket bat is best suitable for players between the age of 10-15 years
  • This cricket kit does not come with helmet; however, the price is reasonable when compared to other products with the same items.

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4. CW Small Boys Cricket Complete Set Size No.3 (Ideal for 5-7 years Kids)

CW Small Boys Cricket Complete Set Size No.3

This cricket kit is best suitable for junior kids. The product consists of items like batting gloves, abdominal guide, cricket helmet, thigh pads, batting pads, cricket bat, ball, and carry bag.

  • The cricket bat in this product is of size 3 and is made of a premium quality material
  • The cricket bat in this product is Kashmir willow type
  • The cricket length is almost equal to 28.5 Inches
  • The manufacturer claims that the bat weighs only 600-650gms

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5. Ps Pilot Complete Cricket playing kit including Cricket bat, Leg guards, Batting gloves, Wheel Bag, Helmet

Ps Pilot Complete Cricket playing kit

The Ps Pilot complete cricket playing kit from the brand Ps Pilot includes items like a cricket bat, leg guard, batting gloves, fielding sleeves, leather ball, helmet with iron visor, and carry bag with wheels.

  • The helmets are made of fiber with an iron visor.
  • The gloves and abdomen guards are made of high-quality material
  • The batting gloves come in a traditional shape that is designed to protect first two fingers.

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All the products mentioned above are best available on the market today. They were selected only on the basis customer’s reviews and the brand reputation.

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