The first thing that a mother probably buys after the childbirth is the diaper. The keep the baby dry during the night and it helps the baby in getting proper sleep. In addition to this, the diapers are a much better alternative to cotton nappies.

During the cold season, the diapers come with an additional advantage. It prevents baby from getting cold as it absorbs all the liquid and baby doesn’t have to sleep in wet clothes. Apart from this, the diapers are disposable so you do not have to worry about cleaning the diaper or washing the diaper. However, you must always properly dispose of the diaper.

If you are buying a best baby diapers for sensitive skin for the first time then you must know that there are certain criteria to be considered while making the purchase and here is the list of such factors that could influence your buying decision.

Buying Guide for Diaper for Babies

Type of Diaper – There are many different types of diapers available. Some are categorised on basis of the gender while others are categorised on the absorption capacity. You need to check the type of diaper you want. This could be based on a situation or lifestyle.

Size of Diaper – Each brand has a size guide and hence you would need to check the size guide before you just pick up any diaper. Picking up the tight diaper can be a problem for the baby and if you pick up a loose size then it might not fit the baby.

Absorption Capacity – Do consider the absorption capacity of the diaper and you can opt for the one with super absorbent polymer filling. This material is known for absorbing a high amount of liquid and it is also environment friendly. In addition to this, it is perceived as a safe material and there are no issues about the safety of the material.

Fitting of the diaper – There are different types of diaper available in terms of fitting. You can get the diapers which can be worn just like a pant while the other diapers come with a sticky tape. Usually, people prefer the elastic band-type diapers these days.

Price and Brand – Price of the diaper is another important factor to be considered these days. You need to see what fits in your monthly budget and always buy a good branded diaper or else your baby may get rashes because of the poor quality of the diaper.

This was all about the diapers for the babies. If you are still confused about your choice then go through the list of best baby diapers from the top diapers manufacturers in India mentioned below and you will be able to find the best diaper for your baby. 

Best Diapers for Babies in India

4. Bambo Nature Midi 5-9 Kg 33 Count Size 3

Bambo Nature Midi 5-9 Kg 33 Count Size 3

The first brand on our list is Bambo Nature. The diapers of this brand are available in all sizes and they are quite popular as well. You can visit the product page to check out all the information about the product along with the reviews. The link to the product page is mentioned below.

  • The diapers are available in all size and you can choose the size as per the age of the baby.
  • The diapers are really very absorbent and hence it offers the comfort to the baby.
  • The material used in making the diaper is quite soft which is required in case of a small baby or else the baby can experience rashes.
  • There are no perfumes or chemicals in the diaper which is certainly recommended for the baby.

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3. Huggies Wonder Pants Small – Size Diapers

Huggies Wonder Pants Small - Size Diapers

Next popular brand on our list is Huggies and there are many different types of diapers available in Huggies. You get to choose from a wide range. In addition to this, the diapers are available in various sizes and variety packs. This is the best advantage of the Huggies diapers.

  • The diaper uses a cushiony cotton soft material to offer protection to the skin of a baby.
  • During the night, you would not have to change the diapers again and again as the diaper can offer good absorbency for at least 12 hours.
  • The diaper also comes with a leak guard so the diaper becomes the ideal companion when you are traveling with the baby.
  • Apart from this, the diaper has a stretch fit and hence once size fits all.
  • As per the brand, the diaper uses advanced dry touch sheet to keep the baby dry.

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2. Mamy Poko Pants Standard Style Small Diapers

Mamy Poko Pants Standard Style Small Diapers

Mammy Poko Pants is also a popular brand in India and these diapers are also available in various sizes as well as various variants. You can check out all the reviews of Mammy Poko Pants by visiting the home page of the product. You can also order the diaper with help of this link. Here are other details about the diapers.

  • You can choose the size of the diaper as per the weight and age of your baby.
  • It is also one of the most affordable diapers in India.
  • The diaper comes with a 10-hour protection for the baby and it keeps the baby dry for at least 10 hours a day.
  • The diaper has elastic which helps in the fitting of the diaper. There are no hard to remove sticky tables in this diaper.
  • The diaper absorbs all the liquid very quickly and hence it doesn’t let the baby experience any type of discomfort.

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1. Pampers Large Size Diaper Pants

Pampers Large Size Diaper Pants

On number 1, we have Pampers and this diaper is available in 5 different sizes. You can choose between New Born, Small, Large, Extra Large and Medium. In addition to this, the diapers are also available in different packs. Check out the product page for reviews and rating of the product.

  • This uses a technology which has amplified the absorb ability of the diaper by three times.
  • The padding of the diaper evenly distributes the wetness and hence the liquid is absorbed more efficiently.
  • The diaper is capable of locking the moisture for 12 hours and this is made possible with the magic gel technology.
  • The diaper from pampers comes with a breathable belt which keeps the skin of the baby fresh and airy.

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Final Expression 

These are some of the best diapers available in India. In addition to this, you can also subscribe for the packs with help of some of the e-commerce sites. Subscribing for the product lets you in getting a better discount on the product.

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