If you ask me, I am highly judgmental about people who do not love eating dose. Trust me when I say this, I could live the rest of my life eating just dosa 24×7. In fact, this is why I am more than ready to purchase a dosa tawa to be able to make and eat dosa at home. This is a staple south Indian delicacy which consists of a crispy crepe, a potato mash filling, served alongside the watery gravy known as Sambar and mouth-watering South Indian coconut chutney. I am sure that reading this might have brought water to your mouth and the heavenly taste of this tasty dish. Well, this makes up the entire reason for you to purchase a dosa tawa.

If you ever visit restaurant making dosa’s you will see that their cook tops are gigantic and made of iron. Their cook tops are so huge that one can cook almost 6 dosas at a time. Well, it is only natural to understand the fact that the dosa tawa for home comes in smaller size but bigger than a usual tawa used for cooking roti. The tawa is usually round in shape and also, nonstick so that you can easily cook the dosa which is perfectly round in shape as well as crispy just like a restaurent made dosa.  If you are determined to purchase a dos tawa for home then read on and discover the best seller products as well as, a dosa tawa buying guide.

Tips to buy a Dosa Tawa

Not everyone is perfect in making dosa’s, but you can be perfect in buying dosa tawa by reading these tips mentioned below.

  1. Size: Dosa is usually a big sized delicacy, therefore, the size of your dosa tawa matters the most. Make sure that you compare the size of a few best-rated dosa was in the market before settling for now.
  2. Nonstick: I am sure that you wouldn’t want your dosa to stick to the surface of your tawa and lose its amazing flavor, right? Well, if your answer is yes then it is most recommended that you buy a nonstick pan with at least, three nonstick coating.
  3. A spiral base: a dosa is best made if your cook base is able to distribute heat throughout the surface evenly and quickly. Therefore, a spiral cook base is beat so that your cooking surface gets even distribution of heat.
  4. Budget: The last step of this buying guide is to fix a budget. Your budget is most important part of purchasing a dosa tawa because it is jotted tasteful to spread your foot out of your pockets.

Reading all of the above-given tips and details makes me want to make a dosa, already. If you want to be able to eat dosa any time of the day then read the list given below. Mentioned below list consists of top 5 best Dosa for home safe dosa cooking. And yes don’t miss to check my list for Best Nonstick Cookware Sets.

Best Buy Dosa Tawas In India Online 2019

1. Pigeon by Stovekraft special non-stick aluminum flat tawa

Pigeon by Stovekraft special non-stick aluminum flat tawa

  • This is the ideal non-stick tawa for making dosas.
  • It is a budget-friendly dosa pan.
  • It can be used for making other delicacies such as pancakes and omelettes.
  • It has a specially designed sturdy design for safe cooking and convenient holding.
  • The handle of this tawa is heat resistant.

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2. Nirlon Non-Stick Aluminium Cookware

Nirlon Non-Stick Aluminium Cookware

  • This dosa tawa comes with a flat tawa. This is an exciting buy-1-get-1 offer.
  • This is an environmentally friendly and safe for cooking food because it is made from the non-PFOA material.
  • The heat proof handle is to ensure that you do not heat your hand.

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3. Suraksha Shine Super fine Nonstick Cookware

Suraksha Shine Super fine Nonstick Cookware

  • This is a nonstick flat tawa which is specially designed for making dosas.
  • It has three layers of Teflon nonstick coating which stays put for the longest time.
  • The handle of this Tawa is made of Bakelite to ensure it stays heat proof.

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4. Prestige Hard Anodised Plus Cookware Induction nonstick Tawa

Prestige Hard Anodised Plus Cookware Induction nonstick Tawa

  • This Tawa is made from a modernized version of anodized aluminum.
  • This Tawa is fit for cooking on induction and gas cooktops.
  • This tawa has maximum cooktop base which allows you a big space for cooking dosa.
  • See this: Best Induction Cooktops in India

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5. Hawkins Futura Non-Stick Tawa

Hawkins Futura Non-Stick Tawa

  • This Teflon coated dosa tawa is made in Germany.
  • The teflon coating allows an even distribution of heat.
  • The spiral bottom of this tawa is a perfect example of state of the technology which ensures increase in surface area.

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The aforementioned list contains top Non-Stick Dosa Tawas. If you follow the tip just as mentioned in the buying guide, we ensure that you will be extremely happy with your purchase. Now set back and relax while eating your home-made tawa dosa on your newly purchases dosa tawa.

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