Having some of the basic gym equipment at home can be really helpful. They can help you in saving money as well as time. With help of different gym equipment, you can follow your workout schedule in the comfort of your house. You would not have to worry about being late to the office or for the class.

Dumbbells are one such basic thing that you must always have at your home. If you do not have a Dumbbells set at home the nit is probably the right time to order one as you will be able to get multiple deals on the Dumbbell sets in the market. But if before you go out for purchasing the Dumbbells sets, you must go through a short buying guide as this will help you in making the right choice in terms of Dumbbell sets.

Here is the buying guide for a Dumbbell set

Buying Guide for Dumbbell Set

  • Fixed vs Adjustable Dumbbell – There are basically two types of dumbbell available and you can choose among the fixed weight dumbbell or the adjustable dumbbell. The adjustable dumbbell offers you a higher flexibility and you can simply increase the weight by changing the plates or adding the plates. You can also choose the material of the dumbbell according to the type of dumbbell you are buying.
  • Multiple Set – If you are opting for the adjustable dumbbells then it would make a lot of sense to purchase some additional weight plates. Apart from this, if you want to buy the fixed weight dumbbell then you might want to choose a set of dumbbells with various different weight.
  • Weight Range – The weight range should be chosen according to your strength and needs. Choose a dumbbell with a lesser weight range will be of no use and choosing the dumbbell set with a higher weight may damage your muscles. Choose the weight range as per your lifting capacity.
  • Other Equipment – While choosing the sets, you can also get additional things in the package like the gloves, skipping rope and much more. It is always better to opt for such bags as this can help you in setting up a mini gym for yourself.

These were some of the points to be considered while buying the dumbbells and if you are still dicey about which dumbbell set to choose from then you must go through this list of best dumbbell sets in India.

So, here is the list.

Bestselling Dumbbells In India

5. Body Maxx 10 Kg PVC Dumbbells Sets Combo 2

Body Maxx 10 Kg PVC Dumbbells

These are the PVC Dumbbells and they are one of the highest selling dumbbell sets. You can check out the details about these dumbbell sets by visiting the product page listed below and here are some more details about this dumbbell set.

  • The weights on the dumbbells can be changed and it comes with 2.5 Kg x 4 plates each.
  • The set has a pair of 14 inch dumbbell rods where the weights can be adjusted and there is a nut to secure the weights.
  • You can also use plates and rod separately for different types of workout.

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4. Body fit Total Gym Kit Combo 20Kg Home Gym, Set

Body fit Total Gym Kit

This is a complete gym kit from Body Fit and if you are planning to set up a small personal gym at home then you must purchase this. The products included in the set are of high quality and here are some more details about the kit.

  • The kit has a total of 8 weight plates which are segregated as 4 plates of 3 kg and 2 kg each.
  • There are 4 rods included in the set and two of these are the regular 14 inch rod while one is 5 feet and 1 is 3 feet rod.
  • The kit also has dumbbell lock along with gloves, hand grip and skipping rope.

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3. Aurion Matrix2 Plastic Dumbbell Set, 4Kg

Aurion Matrix2 Plastic Dumbbell Set

If you want something really compact then this should be the ideal dumbbell set for you. If you want, you can visit the product page and check out all the amazing reviews received by these dumbbell sets.

  • These are the pair of 2 plastic dumbbells
  • Each dumbbell weights 2 Kg and the total weight of the kit adds to 4 Kg.
  • The material is plastic and hence you do not have to worry about the accidental drops
  • The dumbbells have a very comfortable grip which is certainly an advantage of the set.

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2. Kore K-DM-20kg-Combo 16 Home Gym and Fitness Kit

Kore K-DM

If you have high muscle strength and if you want something with a lot of weights then this should be the ideal set for you. The dumbbell set has a 20 Kg weight and here are more details about this dumbbell kit.

  • The dumbbell kit has 4 weights for 2 Kg as well as 3 Kg plates.
  • The kit also has dumbbell rods along with the nuts.
  • The dumbbells are made of PVC and hence they are highly durable

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1. Generic Home Gym Combo, 20Kg

Generic Home Gym Combo

This one is a generic home gym kit which also has a dumbbell set. The variance in the cost is negligible and hence you must check out the contents of the kit. Below are more details about the kit and you can also check other details by navigating to the product page.

  • In terms of weight plates, the kit has 4 pieces of 3 Kg as well as 2 Kg weights.
  • There is a 5 feet long rod and 3 feet curl rod with the locks along with a pair of dumbbell rods.
  • The kit also has hand gloves to provide you comfort during the workout.
  • Apart from all this, the kit has skipping rope for warm up.

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Final Expression 

These are some of the best dumbbell sets in India and ordering online has a very good advantage when compared to the offline purchase.

When you order your dumbbell set online, you can get the dumbbells delivered at your house without any additional cost. In addition to this, the dumbbell sets are available at a huge discount through an online portal.

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