We are living in a millennial where fashion and styling are two of the most important things on the priority list of most people. Having straight hair is of the trendiest fashion that we have been seeing for ages. But if you ask anyone about the exact date and time since when has been straighter hair becomes the most desirable, there is no answer to that. If you think carefully, straighter hair is more appealing to the eyes since they give away shine and also if the hair is lengthy along with being straight it is a definite win-win situation.

Since most women have naturally silky, shiny and straighter hair it does not mean that every woman is destined to have the same. Thanks to the technology and advancement that we now have temporary and permanent ways of making our hair straighter. It first began with ironing the hair with a legit iron; yes you have read that right. And slowly we proceeded to the very famous hair straightened. But all these were rather temporary and nothing was permanent. A woman would have to spend a long time while getting ready in order to straighten the hair. But this is all just a matter of one sitting now and you can get the straighter hair permanently. Well, not permanently but ranging on the products and techniques used, the straight hair could last from 6 months to 2 years.

In the hair straightening techniques used today, two items are surely used, that is, a hair straightener and a hair straightening cream.

The hair straightening cream is like a nourishment providing serum for the hair before heat is applied to it, and it also locks the straightening effect and thus, giving the most permanent and natural looking straight hair look. check my article also on the Best Hair Straightening Brush in India.

Buying guide for a hair straightening cream

A hair straightening cream is strictly for the professional use, that is, only a professional can performing the hair straightening procedure on your hair knows how to use it. In daily life, one might never have to use the hair straightening cream because it is not appropriate for daily use or say regular use. Read the tips given below for buying the appropriate hair straightening cream:

Consult about the ingredients of the cream with your dermatologist and ask if it is okay to use the product or not.

Secondly, make sure that you are choosing the cream which is suitable for our hair type. In case not, it could leave an ever-lasting damage to your hair.

Read the reviews of a given product online and check if the product is promising or not. Also check our review on the best hair shampoos for women in India.

Best Buy Hair Straightening Cream in India 2018

Now read the list given below and discover the best hair straightening creams available in Indian markets:

5. Streax Pro Hair Straightened Cream Intense

Best Hair Straightening cream in India

  • This is a professionally used hair straightening cream used by big salons.
  • It has a quantity of 80l.
  • It should not be overused for it could damage the hair.
  • It is cheap and of good quality.

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4. L’Oreal Paris X-Tenso Moistures Hair straightening cream

L’Oreal Paris X-Tenso Moistures Hair straightening cream

  • This offer is like buy 1-get-1 free for it comes in a pack of two sachets each 125ml in quantity.
  • It promises for being nourishing and heat protectant, thus, ensuring that the hair is not damaged.
  • It has a special keratin-care formula for nourishment, growth, and strengthening of the hair.
  • This is suitable for naturally wavy hair.
  • Its effects are as long lasting until the time your hair grows out completely.

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3. Glatt Schwarzkopf hair straightening cream

Glatt Schwarzkopf hair straightening cream

  • This hair straightening cream is for extremely curly hair or for wavy hair.
  • It is strong yet does not harm the hair.
  • It has a protective formula which prevents the hair from getting frizzy.
  • It comes packed with a bottle of cream and neutralizer 120 ml each.
  • This is strictly for professional use.
  • This cream promises of giving your hair the much-needed protein care in order to make it healthier as well as, straighter.

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2. Beria Hair Straightening cream

Beria Hair Straightening cream

  • This cream is suitable for normal to wavy hair as it is extremely mild and unharmful.
  • It comes with one tube of the straightening cream and another tube o neutralizer.
  • It has a special formula that offers lustrous and shinier looking hair.
  • It is extremely easy to use, that is, mix both the tubes in 50:50 proportions.

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1. Wella hair straightening cream

Wella hair straightening cream

  • This is for professional use only.
  • It is fit to be used on extremely frizzy and wavy hair.
  • This straightening cream is indeed strong but does not harm the hair.

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Be very particular while choosing a hair straightening cream because a wrong decision could cost you your hair. Therefore, follow our buying guide carefully and then choose from the above-given list of products.

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