Handbags can never be out of fashion. You can carry a lot of stuff in a stylish looking handbag easily but shopping for handbag is certainly time consuming. You need to find the perfect style along with the right size and color. This can sometimes be really tough and as a matter of fact, a lot of people have certain preference while they shop for Handbags.

Some people prefer a specific color while other prefer a specific brand. Talking about the brand, there are several brands available in India but do you know which are the best handbag brands in India? Well, if you are not aware of the best handbag brands then do not worry, we have compiled a list of some of the best handbag brands along with a product from each brand.

Before you move to the list of best handbag brands, let us just check out the buying guide for a handbag.

Buying Guide for Handbag

Here are some of the points to be considered while buying the handbag.

Style –You need to first decide the style of the bag you want. It could probably be a sling bag or a regular shoulder bag. This depends on your personal choice and the occasion you want to use the bag at.

Size – This factor is again dependent on your usage. If you are using the bag on daily basis then you might want a large bag but if you want a small bag just to carry some of the essentials then you know what to buy.

Compartments – A lot of people prefer a bag with a lot of compartments so as to keep the stuff sorted. This is again your personal choice and hence you can choose to either buy a bag with several compartments or with just a single one.

Color – Color is again a personal choice. You can choose the one as per your usage. Buy a mild color if you plan to use the bag in the office or you might want an attractive color for use in parties and social gathering.

Material – There are some bags which are washable and those are not the leather bags. So you need to make a choice of material carefully. Remember that leather bags can be spoilt in rain so if you are buying a bag for travel during rainy season then you might want to avoid leather.

Brand – Lastly, you might also want to consider the brand of the bag. There are some people who are brand conscious and if you are among them then you might want to stick to your favorite brand.

This was all about the buying guide. Let us now move to the list of best handbag brands in India.

Best Handbags for Ladies From Famous Brands

10. Marie Women’s Stylish PU Hand Bag

Marie Women's Stylish PU Hand Bag

This bag from Marie Women is a popular bag on many e-commerce portals and the bag is available in 5 colors to match your style.

  • The bag has a padded strap along with double handles so that you can carry it comfortably.
  • The bag has 2 compartment and many zippers which enables you to carry a lot of things in the bag.

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9. Accessorize Women’s Tote Bag (Black)

Accessorize Women's Tote Bag

Next on our list is a bag from Accessorize. This is basically a black bag and a black bag never gets out of the fashion. Here are some more details about this amazing bag.

  • The bag is made of synthetic material and it is a tote bag.
  • The bag has a single compartment but you will certainly not run out of the space.

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8. Mark & Keith Women Handbag Cream MBG 041 CM

Mark & Keith Women Handbag

Are you looking for a white elegant bag? Well, this is the end of your search as this bag from Mark &Keith is a perfect cream color bag for you. Here are more details about the bag.

  • The bag is made of faux leather and it has an elegant looking texture.
  • The bag has 4 pockets along with 2 compartment and a zipper.

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7. Caprese Women’s Tote Bag (Rust)

Caprese Women's Tote Bag

Caprese is yet another popular brand in India and this bag from Caprese is just perfect for formal settings. You can check the product images with help of the link listed below.

  • The bag is made of faux leather and it isofa rust
  • This is basically a tote bag with a lot of space.
  • The bag has a single compartment.

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6. Lavie Java Women’s Handbag (Navy)


Your collection must have a bag from Lavie and if you do not have a bag from Lavie then probably it’s time to buy one. Here is an amazing bag from Lavie for formal use.

  • The bag is navy blue in color and is made of synthetic material.
  • The bag is perfect for formal usage.
  • The bag comes with three compartments along with a back zip.

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5. Hidesign Women Shoulder Bag (Blue) (DUBAI 01 SB-MARRAKECH MELBOURNE RANCH)

Hidesign Women Shoulder Bag

Next on our list is a handbag from Hidesign. This brand is also quite popular in India market and you can have a look at the bag from Hidesign by following the page listed below

  • This is a blue bag made of leather material. The bag has a lining which adds to the depth.
  • The bag comes with 1 year warranty.

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4. Baggit Women’s Handbag (Red)

Baggit Women's Handbag

Baggit certainly doesn’t needs any introduction as the name itself signifies quality handbag. If your favorite brand is Baggit then you must check out this handbag from Baggit.

  • The bag is made of synthetic material and it has a combination of red and black.
  • The bag has 2 pockets which can help you in sorting your stuff easily.
  • The bag is perfect for formal settings.

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3. Fostelo Women’s Style Diva Handbag (Tan) (FSB-396)

Fostelo Women's Style Diva Handbag

If you are looking for a nice tan formal looking bag then this one is probably for you. Check out the pictures and reviews of the bag with help of the link shared below.

  • The brand offers 1 year warranty on the bag.
  • Comes with two compartments along with 1 back pocket.

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2. Da Milano LB-3861 Orange Leather Shoulder Bag

Da Milano LB-3861 Orange Leather Shoulder Bag

Next on our list is a bag from Da Milano. This is a leather shoulder bag and you might want to have a look at the bag by going to the product page.

  • The bag has 3 compartments along with 3 pockets.
  • The bag has an orange leather.
  • Comes with lifetime service warranty from Da Milano.

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1. MICHAEL KORS Isabella Large Shoulder Bag

MICHAEL KORS Isabella Large Shoulder Bag

Michael Kors is certainly one of the best handbag maker however the bags can certainly get a little expensive. Checkout the product details by going to the product page mentioned below

  • This is a regular shoulder bag.
  • The bag has a brown color and it comes with a nice printed design.
  • The bag is one of the highest selling bag from the brand.

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Final Expression 

These are some of the best handbags available in India. You can browse through the complete product range with help of the online portals and you will be able to find the colors and styles which are probably out of stock at your nearby showroom.

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