Sports injuries are not rare when you are on the field. Even in our daily life, we all are prone to slips and falls. Often, in such a case, we can get a muscle injury. The best remedy for pain management and reduction of swelling in such a case is to apply an medical ice bags. These packs can retain the ice along with the ice water so as to provide you relief from the pain. Applying an ice pack on the injury can not only reduce the pain but it also reduces the swelling. In addition to this, the ice bag pack also speeds up the recovery.

If you do not have an ice bag pack at your home then you must purchase one and we have compiled a list of the some of the best Ice Bag Packs for Injuries in India in 2018.

So, here is the list.

Best Medical Ice Bag in India

1. Newnik Cool Pack Ice Bag – 9 inch (Blue)

Newnik Cool Pack Ice Bag

On number 1, we have an Ice Bag Pack from Newnik. This is one of the most popular ice bag pack in the market and it can provide you an instant relief from joint pain or any injury at any of the joint. In addition to this, the bag offers a long-lasting coolness which enables you to take advantage of the ice for long hours. The diameter of the bag is about 9 inches and hence it provides a large area of application to you while regular use.There are many colors available in this bag and you can choose the one which you like.

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2. Healthgenie Ice Bag Used for First Aid, Sports Injury, Pain Relief and Cold Therapy

Healthgenie Ice Bag

Next on our list is an ice bag pack from Healthgenie. This bag is a must-have in the first aid kit at your home. The bag can be used by children or anyone during the time of need. Many of the therapists also use this ice bag pack with their patients.The bag is made of a water repellent material and hence you do not have to worry about the water leaks while you are using the ice bag pack.

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3. IGNA ICE BAG Sport Injury Ice Bag Cap Floral First Aid Muscle Aches Relief Pain Therapy Pack


If you are looking for a large bag then this should be the one for you. The standard size of the bag is 11 inches and just like other bags in our list, this bag is also leak proof. The diameter of the mouth of this bag is quite large and hence you do not have to face any issue while inserting the ice cubes into the bag. You can use this ice bag pack at any part of your body and you will not be disappointed with the performance of the bag.

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4. Arsa Medicare Ice Bag Hot and Cold Reusable Ice Pack Light Grey

Arsa Medicare Ice Bag

Ice Bag from Arsa is another popular one in market. The bag is made of extra soft fabric which provides a lot of comfort during the use. In addition to this, the bag can be used for hot and cold application but the care must be taken as you can’t use the bag with the boiling hot water. It can only be used with the warm water. The bag is also washable and hence you can keep the bag clean even after prolonged use.

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5. Iktu Ice/Hot 9″ Water Bag Heat Cold Pack Sports Injury Neck Knee Pain Relief – Big Size

Iktu Ice Hot 9 Water Bag

This bag from Iktu can also be used for hot and cold therapy but care must be taken as you can use it with water at really high temperature. This could be the best ice bag for knee injuries. In addition to this, the bag can be of great help if you have stiff muscles. The bag is also leak proof and the big size of the bag is another advantage that the bag offers to you.

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These are the best ice bag packs available in India. You can purchase them and make it a part of the first aid kit. In addition to this, you must always have some ice cube frozen in the freezer so as to provide you an instant relief in case of an injury.

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