People who are interested in turning to the advanced technological systems for their kitchen, then they should decide to purchase the kitchen chimney as it is one of the most important parts of the kitchen which is mostly ignored by the people. In these days, people have started purchasing a number of chimneys because they are highly useful and provide various benefits to the people.

So, you should not waste your time and decide to purchase the best chimney for your modular kitchen which can enhance the look of your kitchen.

Buying guide for Kitchen Chimney

Whenever you decide to purchase anything, then you need to get a little guidance and that’s why we are here to let you some factors which you should know if you want to have a modular kitchen. The modern kitchen chimney has a lot of advantages and that’s why you should not hesitate before purchasing the Kitchen Chimney.

Things to consider before purchasing Kitchen Chimney

  • Size of kitchen – When you are deciding to purchase the Kitchen chimney, then it is highly necessary that you purchase the chimney by checking the size of your kitchen. You should install the chimney which suits the look of your kitchen and can be able to suck the smoke easily.
  • Filter type – Now after checking the size of chimney, you should know which type of filer you want in your chimney. There are three types of filters which are commonly found in the kitchen chimneys and those are cassette filers, baffle filters and carbon filters among which baffle filters are common in the modular kitchen chimneys.
  • Type of chimney – There are different types of the chimney which are available in the market as different manufacturing companies invent new technology in the chimneys. The most commonly purchased chimneys are wall mounted chimney, corner chimney, island chimney and built-in chimney.
  • Size of chimney – Now the size 0 0f chimney matters when you are deciding to make your kitchen look best. If you will install the large size of the chimney in a small kitchen, then it will acquire unnecessary space. So, you should always purchase the kitchen chimney which suits the size of your kitchen.
  • Auto clean or normal chimney – There is a number of chimneys and all of the chimneys come with some separate features like some come with auto clean options while other are normal chimneys. So, if you want to keep your clean, then you can purchase any of these chimneys but if you don’t want to waste your time for cleaning the ducts of the chimney, then you can choose to purchase the auto clean feature chimneys.
  • Design of chimney – Now, the design of the chimney should be according to the design or color of the tiles of your kitchen. If you want a modular kitchen, then it is completely necessary that you get the chimney with perfect design.
  • Price of chimney – The price of the chimney should not exceed your budget. You can get a nice quality of kitchen chimney up to seven thousand rupees. Therefore, you should not purchase a higher amount of chimney if you want to save your money because the chimney which comes at a price of around five thousand rupees.
  • Noise – The kitchen chimney should not make a noise like the exhaust fans because it can be a little annoying for you. The noise which comes out of chimneys can make you feel irritated and that’s why you should always purchase the chimney which doesn’t create noise.
  • Speed of ventilation – The ventilation power of the chimney should be quite high because when you are making a dish which creates a high amount of smoke, then at that time your house should not be filled with smoke and smell. So, you should always check the speed of the ventilation power of kitchen chimney.
  • Warranty of chimney – The last but not the least factor before purchasing the chimney you will need to consider is that you should get the chimney which comes with a warranty. When you will purchase the chimney with warranty, then your money won’t get wasted if it comes defected or stops working within the warranty period.

These are the most important things which you will need to consider before purchasing a kitchen chimney. You should make sure that you choose to go to the best shop or online website to purchase the best quality of chimneys. Here is the list of top ten chimneys which you can purchase for your kitchen to make the smoke go out within seconds:

Bestselling Kitchen Chimneys in India

1. Elica Kitchen Chimney 60 cm 1100 M3/H

Elica Kitchen Chimney

Elica Chimney comes with black colored glass which will enhance the look of your kitchen easily. It is true that you need a chimney with great suction quality and this chimney can easily throw the excess smoke out of your kitchen.

  • Size of this chimney is 60 cm
  • Suction power is 1100 m3/hr
  • Input voltage is 230V/50 Hz
  • Energy efficient Chimney
  • Baffle filters
  • Available with warranty card

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2. Hindware 90cm 1200 m3/h Chimney

Hindware 90cm 1200 m3-h Chimney

This Chimney is capable of collecting oil, grease and other sticky particles which get spread into your kitchen when you cook food. The walls of your kitchen won’t get dirty when you will choose to get this chimney installed in your kitchen. You will be able to remain comfortable while cooking food after the installation of this Hindware Chimney. Operating this chimney is quite an easy process and therefore you don’t need to think before purchasing this chimney.

  • 90 cm of the chimney
  • Airflow of the chimney is 1100m3/hr
  • Thermal Auto clean technology
  • Stainless steel baffle filters (easy to clean)
  • In-built LED lamps
  • Warranty with the chimney
  • Perfect for both modular and traditional kitchen

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3. Sunflame 60 cm 500 cm3/m Chimney

Sunflame 60 cm 500 cm3-m Chimney

Black is considered to be the color of the chimney which can suit on all types of kitchen walls. Black is a classy color and it won’t get out of fashion ever and that’s why you should decide to purchase the chimney which comes with best features and black color. The sunflame is the brand which is loved by people a lot because of its genuine quality and presence in the market for a long time.

  • Black colored chimney
  • Cassette filters
  • One Incandescent lighting option
  • Sliding control buttons
  • One year of warranty

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4. SeavyAltis 1100 M3/H60 cm Chimney

SeavyAltis 1100 M3-H60 cm Chimney

While purchasing the chimney, the first thing which should come to your mind is that how much amount of oil it can collect. The limit of the oil collector cup can help you in judging the quality of chimney. SeavyAltis chimney comes with large oil collector cup which can collect a high amount of oil in it and therefore it will reduce your manual work upto a certain extent. You won’t need to clean the chimney with short time periods because it has large collector cup.

  • 1100 m3/h collector is the suction power of this chimney
  • Stainless steel hood chimney
  • It has got curved glass body
  • Comes with two LED lamps
  • Push button control
  • One year of guarantee
  • Baffle filters

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5. Faber 1095 m3/h Hood

Faber 1095 m3-h Hood

The people who are interested in getting a chimney with affordable prices can choose to get the Faber 1095 m3/h chimney without thinking for a second. This chimney comes with best functions and features which will enable you to enjoy the best services at reasonable prices.

  • Stainless steel shining body
  • Straight glass look of the chimney
  • Three layered baffle filters
  • No replacement cost of baffle filters
  • Three-speed operation
  • Get the brighter light on your counter
  • Unique three-dimensional T2S2 technology with three-way suction
  • One year of warranty and twelve years of warranty on motor
  • Push button control panel

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6. Pigeon Splendor Kitchen Chimney

Pigeon Splendor Kitchen Chimney

The suction capacity of this chimney is 500m3/h only and if you have got the small kitchen and you don’t cook much amount of food, then this chimney is perfect for you. The price of the chimney is quite affordable as compared to the large sized chimneys. The look of this chimney is quite appealing as it is of small size and nice color. The chimney can prevent the noise upto high levels.

  • Suction capacity is 500m3/h
  • Noise level is 56 dB

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7. Glen Kitchen Chimney Gl 6071 Ex 60cm

Glen Kitchen Chimney Gl 6071 Ex 60cm

It is highly necessary that you choose to purchase the chimney which can enable you to get rid of the tension of cleaning the chimney regularly. The chimney which can store the oil for a longer period of time is of nice quality. Now, you have read all the factors which you need to consider before purchasing any chimney and therefore you can take the right decision by purchasing this chimney. You should make sure that the look of the chimney is also nice otherwise there is no use of purchasing the chimney for your kitchen

  • Easy to clean
  • Baffle filters
  • The suction power of the chimney is 1000M3/hr
  • Black colored chimney
  • Wall mounted model

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8. KutchinaSlimo 750 M/hr 3rd generation Auto Clean Kitchen Hood Chimney

KutchinaSlimo 750 M-hr 3rd generation Auto Clean Kitchen Hood Chimney

Do you want to get a chimney which doesn’t cause much noise? If yes, then you can purchase the KutchinaSlimo chimney which will enable you to work in your kitchen without any difficulty. This the chimney which can be called a budget-friendly chimney for you and if you are interested in purchasing it, then you can choose to purchase it without wasting your time.

  • Push button switch
  • The suction power of this chimney is 700m3/hr
  • Illumination provided by the chimney is 25W
  • One incandescent lamp
  • The dimension of the chimney is L600xW480xH85

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9. Kaff Kitchen Chimney 60 Cm

Kaff Kitchen Chimney 60 Cm

If you are interested in purchasing the Chimney with 1000M3/H airflow, then you can choose to get the Kaff Kitchen Chimney at your home. This chimney comes at affordable prices and if you don’t want to spend much money on purchasing the chimney, then this chimney can be the best option for you. The size of this chimney is perfect for the kitchens which are small in size and this chimney won’t take much space so it can be installed easily in the smaller size of kitchens.

  • 60 cm of size
  • Aluminum Cassette filters
  • Three push buttons
  • Stainless steel body
  • Metallic motor
  • 1000 m3/h air flow

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10. Prestige 60 cm 850 m3/h Chimney

Prestige 60 cm 850 m3-h Chimney

It has become necessary that you don’t waste money while purchasing the kitchen chimney because you might not want to buy another set again. So, compromising with the chimney model is not a good option and that’s why it is better that you check out the complete features of the chimney before purchasing it. Prestige Chimney comes with awesome features which will force to purchase it.

  • 230 Voltage and 60W
  • Satin finish stainless steel body
  • Baffle filters
  • Long-life
  • Two LED lamps
  • 850m3/h suction capability
  • Two years of warranty
  • The air flow of chimney it has 1000m3/hr

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Advantages of purchasing a Kitchen Chimney For You

The people who are interested in turning their kitchen into the smart kitchen can decide to get the kitchen chimney at their home which will enable you to cook food easily and at a faster speed. In these days, modular kitchens are being preferred by the people and the electric chimneys are one of the most important accessories which complete the modular kitchen look.

  • To prevent terrace and tiles to get dirty

In these days people prefer to get the kitchen chimney because it doesn’t ruin the look of your kitchen. The electric chimney will enable your kitchen’s tiles from getting dirty by the smoke our fumes which come when you cook food in your kitchen. You should be known with the fact that if you don’t have a kitchen chimney, then the smoke will stick to the walls of the kitchen.
If you want your kitchen to look new always, then it is highly necessary that you choose to purchase the best quality of Chimney.

  • Removes the smell

The digital chimneys have the strong suction ability and that’s why it helps to remove any kind of smell which is produced when you cook food. There are various types of ingredients which you use while cooking food and those ingredients and spices can create a hard smell in your kitchen. This will make it difficult for the family members to sit at home relaxed and that’s why you should get the kitchen chimney if don’t want any kind of smell in your kitchen.

  • Enhancement in Look

If you want to get the look of your kitchen enhanced, then you can get the electric kitchen chimney because,in these days, the chimneys come in different designs which can make your kitchen more appealing.

  • Prevention in sneezing

Some people start sneezing due to the excess smoke or different kind of smell coming from the kitchen while cooking the food. The kitchen chimney will prevent the sneezing because it will take away the smoke and smell from your kitchen within some seconds.


After having a look at top ten best quality of chimneys, you can decide to get the perfect chimney for your kitchen. We have selected the chimneys which are liked by customers a lot and come at reasonable prices. You can select the chimney according to the type of chimney you want to get. First, you will need to clear out our preferences and after knowing your preferences regarding the chimney, you can easily purchase the best quality of chimney for your kitchen.

You should not waste your money by purchasing the wrong types of the chimney for your kitchen and that’s why we have provided the complete guide from where you can easily check which chimney will be best for your kitchen and budget.

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