The problem with the laptops is that the sound of the speaker is never enough. There is always a limit to the sound of spears in laptop and hence many people prefer to buy external laptop speakers. There are several brands and several variants of speakers available for laptops.

If you also like to watch movies and listen to music on your laptop then you must also buy laptop speakers for yourself as this will totally change your experience.

Before you begin shopping, you must know that there are certain factors that must be considered before buying laptop speakers and here is the small buying guide for laptop speakers. Also check my review for best laptop cleaning kits in India.

Buying Guide for Laptop Speakers

Connectivity – There are multiple connectivity options available in Some can be connected via USB while others have a 3.5 mm jack to connect. There are also wireless speakers available in the market which can give you a freedom from wires. The only thing is that you would have to charge your wireless speakers regularly to keep them using whereas this is not a problem with the wired speakers.

Cost – Be very specific about your budget before you go shopping as there can be a huge variance in the cost of the laptop speakers. The cost of the speakers of the popular brand can shoot really high and hence it is always better to set a budget.

Portability – Since you are using the speakers with a laptop, you might also want to carry them with you. In such a case, you must buy speakers which are portable and easy to carry. If you buy speakers which are huge in size then portability will be a problem.

Performance and Reviews – You can also check the performance and the specifications of the speaker but if you do not know much about the specifications then it is safe to read some of the reviews before buying a speaker. This will you will know about the pros and cons of the speaker.

Warranty – If you plan to invest a good amount of money in laptop speakers then you must check for the warranty as the warranty can save you from potential loss in case of any defect. E-commerce sites protect you from the risk as they have an option of returning the goods.

Controls – Some of the speakers have an external control button and it is always better to have these external control buttons but again, this is a personal choice.

This was all about buying a guide for laptop speaker. Now, you will be able to make a choice but if you are feeling lazy and if you do not want to go through thousands of products then you can also check out the list mentioned below as we have compiled a list of best laptop speakers available in India.

Bestselling Laptop Speakers in India

5. Philips SPA-50B/94 speaker with USB Plug

Philips SPA-50B

Philips had always been a popular brand for consumer durables. Check out these attractive speakers from Philips by navigating to the product page listed below.

  • 0 Speakers with USB Power Source and 3.5 mm Jack for Input
  • The output of Speakers is 3W which is (1.5W x 2)
  • Signal to noise ratio – 60 dB
  • External rotatory volume control
  • Philips offers 1 year warranty on the speakers

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4. HP Mini 300 Bluetooth Speakers

HP Mini 300 Bluetooth Speakers

Are you looking for a Bluetooth speaker? Well, have a look at this speaker from HP. The speaker is slim and portable. Just ensure that your laptop has Bluetooth before you buy this speaker. You can check out the reviews and ratings of the product with help of the link listed below.

  • Available in three colors and has a built-in microphone
  • Rich stereo sound and the battery gives a backup of about 8 hours.
  • Compatible with phone and laptops.
  • One year warranty offered by the brand.
  • Dust-tight design so as to protect the speaker from dirt
  • The speaker is Splash resistant so you can take the speaker with you to pool.
  • The wattage of the speaker – 3W

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3. IBall Soundwave 2 2.0 Channel Multimedia Speakers

IBall Soundwave 2 2.0 Channel Multimedia Speakers

Next on our list are speakers from iBall and they are 2.0 channel speakers. They come black color which certainly adds to the elegance of these speakers. Here are more details about these amazing speakers from iBall

  • Can be connected via 3.5 mm jack and needs USB connection for power source.
  • Output RMS Power – 4W RMS Max
  • Frequency Response 90HZ – 20 KHz
  • Signal to noise ratio – 60 dB
  • Volume knob control available externally on speakers
  • iBall offers years warranty on these speakers

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2. Zebronics Prime 2 2.0 Multimedia Speakers

Zebronics Prime 2 2.0 Multimedia Speakers

Zebronics have gained a lot of popularity in recent times and the speakers are really affordable. If you are keeping your budget low then you must check out these speakers once before buying any other speaker for your laptop. Here are some of the core specification of the speaker.

  • 0 speaker with a maximum output of 2W x2 RMS.
  • Can be connected to the laptop via 3.5 mm Jack but need to be powered via USB
  • Volume control available on speaker
  • Comes with 1 year brand warranty.
  • Frequency Response – 200 Hz to 18 KHz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio 65 dB

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1. F&D E200 Soundbar Speaker System

F&D E200 Soundbar Speaker System

If you are looking for something unusual and unique then you must check out this Soundbar from F&D. The sound bar has a great output. You can visit the product page to check out the complete details about this soundbar.

  • Input can be fed via 3.5 mm jack and the speaker needs to be connected to USB for a power
  • Total output power is 3W with a 2.0 channel output.
  • Easy to carry and very compact.
  • External volume knob available.
  • Speakers also have a headphone jack for personal listening.
  • Comes with standard 1 year warranty.

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Final Expression 

These are the best laptop speakers available in India and before you head to market, you might want to check some of the deals online as the price offered by these e-commerce websites can’t be matched by the offline retail stores.

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