Medical Box is an essential item in the house. There are some large medical boxes which can be used as a first aid kit and then there are some personal medical boxes which can be used for carrying pills or for carrying medicine like insulin. They have multipurpose use and the kind of box you need is totally dependent on you.

If you are planning to buy a medical box then here is a list of 6 medical boxes which are really popular in India. You can choose a box as per your requirement.

Best Medical Box For First Aid Kit in India

So, here is the list.

1. Milton Medical Box

Milton Medical Box

Milton is a popular brand in India the brand in India and this is a medical box which can be converted into a first aid box. The box has a lot of compartments which makes it easy to store different things easily. The box comes with a handle which makes it very easy to carry the box to picnic or any other location. In addition to this, the box is really easy to store and it comes with a latch to lock the lid properly.

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2. Okayji Multipurpose Medical Box

Okayji Multipurpose Medical Box

This is a personal medical box and you can use it for the personal purpose. There are many compartments in the box and you can use it to store medicines while traveling or you can also use it for daily use. The compartments vary in size and there is a lot of space available in the box which makes it really easy to carry many medicines in a box.

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3. Folca Plastic Medical Box

Folca Plastic Medical Box

This medical box from Folca is another popular medical box in India. The box can also be used as a pill box and you can also carry essential items for first aid during a trip or a trek. The box has a removable compartment as well which can make it really easy to carry the medical box because of the compactness. The box is available in white and blue color and dimensions of the box are 7 cm x 10 cm x 3.5 cm. With this box, you can be assured of the fact that you will never forget any of your medicine.

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4. Bulfyss Jianhua Combo Medical Box

Bulfyss Jianhua Combo Medical Box

Missing your medicines can prove to be life-threatening but with this box, you can never forget your medicine schedule. The box is available in a set of three and hence you can order one for your family.The box is transparent which makes it easy to see if you have taken the dose of the day or not. There are 15 slots in the box and hence you can carry the medicines for 15 days in a go. The second size available here as 24 grids and the third size available here as 36 grids. You can choose the one which you need.

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5. Aristo Medical Box

Aristo Medical Box

If you are not looking for a pill box and if you are looking for a large medical box which can also carry some of the medical equipment then this is the end of your search. The box has small wheels and hence carrying heavyweight is not an issue with this box. The total carrying capacity of the box is 70 Liters. The only issue that you may face while using the medical box is that the box doesn’t have any compartments so organizing stuff here can be a bit of challenge.

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6. Okayji Medical Box

Okayji Medical Box

This is another box from Okayji on our list and the box has a total of 28 compartments. The compartments in this box are labeled with the different days and each day has four compartments for Morning, Noon, Night and Backup Medicines. It is certainly a perfect medical box for the people who can’t afford to miss their medicine and who can’t remember the sequence of their medicines.

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If you do not have a medical box then you must buy one right now. You can choose from the boxes listed above or you can find another one that suits your requirement.

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