When we talk about accessories and daily utilities then there is a wide list of items that a woman requires and hardly anything that a man needs. This fundamental difference in the need for accessories is not out of choice but nature in the differences of both the genders. But that does not mean that a man does not require any sort of accessories. In fact, a man’s best friend is a wallet and a belt. It is safe to say that a man never goes anywhere without a wallet. He indeed has all his precious and valuable possessions in his wallet which he holds very dear to himself.

But buying a wallet could be extremely tricky even the wide array of choices available in the market. This indeed brings me to a conclusion which says men need our help and I am sure you might agree with the same. Since there are an impossible number of choices in the market it is extremely difficult for a man to choose the appropriate wallet and so, we are here to help you out in this misery with our extremely enlightening buying guide for men’s wallet and a full list of bestseller men’s wallet in India.

Continue reading below to discover the best buying guide about how to purchase a men’s wallet and what factors to keep in mind while making a purchase. Make sure to religiously follow the buying guide and also to go through each of the below-listed products carefully because one of them could be your next wallet which you are going to love most dearly and completely! Don’t forget to flaunt your new wallet and show it off amongst your friends.

Buying guide for a Men’s Wallet

Read carefully our buying guide because even though a men’s wallet is a tiny accessory yet it speaks so much about the person and their choice in fashion, therefore do not let anyone question your choice and rather make them droll on your exclusive choice such as buying an extraordinary wallet. The buying guide for the wallet is mentioned below:

A tri-fold wallet is the newest trend it is a must-have for anyone who believes in utmost professionalism. More so, this is perfect for businessmen and those who have to travel a lot due to work. It is a highly proficient and efficiently crafted men’s wallet which is unlike anything that you will see.

Multiple compartments – it is important that you check the number of compartments in your wallet because it is practically going to hold all your valuables such as cash, credit or debit cards, ID proofs and etc. Therefore, it is only advisable that looking at the nature o your daily life select a wallet with maximum or minimum chambers. It is not always mandatory to have maximum chambers if you keep your cash and ID proofs in separate places but note that a maximum chambered wallet never hurts anyone!

A bi-fold wallet – having talked about travel-headed professionals now comes to the office going crowd. The best type of wallet for the office going crowd is to purchase a bi-fold wallet. It has two folds as the name suggests and enough cash holding capacity with as many card and ID proof holders. You should be doubt free with the capacity of a bi-old wallet because it has enough cash holding space for someone who travels to and fro office to home.

Aluminum indestructible wallets – You might think that these are outdated versions of wallets but think again, don’t you need something which ensures greater safety to your cash and valuable cards. It is mostly used as a cardholder by many and we totally ship it! You should definitely purchase this type of wallet or holder if you are a traveler.

A number of slots – Yes, you read that right, we all know the number of cards and ID proofs that we have and so we definitely need to be sure that all of our cards find a place in our wallets. Therefore, do not forget to check the number of slots of credit cards and ID proofs before purchasing a wallet.

Size of the wallet – Although it does not matter what size wallet you require or not, but it is your choice whether you need a regular sized wallet or a pocketbook type wallet. Most boys like a foldable wallet and men like a regular wallet. While traveler’s often bought a pocketbook type wallet. Choose your category and look for the type that suits you the most.

Separate chambers – This is an often observed problem with the wallets, that is, an undistinguished chamber for coins. During the need of the hour, it is utterly difficult for a man to fetch out tiny coins among the chaos of cash and other things. So make sure your wallet has a well-differentiated coin chamber.

Budget – lastly, shortlist your favorite wallets on the basis of your budget. Your favorite wallet should definitely fall into your budget fragment.

Bestselling Men’s Wallet Online in India 2018

5. Headgear Men’s Brown Vintage Leather Wallet

Headgear Men's Brown Vintage Leather Wallet

  • This is an elegant and brown leather wallet which is made of 100% pure leather.
  • Its quality is truly trustable without a doubt.
  • This excellent men’s wallet has following pockets:
  • It has two currency pockets
  • It has three insert pockets
  • There are nine credit card slots in it
  • It also has one ID proof slot
  • The leather gives vintage vibes due to being double toned which is made as a result of extensive leather treatment and handwork.
  • This leather wallet comes packed in a hard box for secure delivery as well as, it makes up being a worth-it gift option.

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4. Wildhorn Genuine Leather Wallet

Wildhorn Genuine Leather Wallet

  • This is a Wildhorn wallet which is unlike anything that you have ever seen before.
  • It is a perfect blend of modern, aesthetic and vintage looking wallet.
  • It is the Bu-Fold feature of this wildhorn wallet that makes it so edgy yet modern.
  • The best part about this wallet is that it has an ageless finish to it which makes it a perfect choice for men of all age.
  • It is sure to give you the best time around for it is made of extra-soft and high-grade leather.
  • It is important for you to know that you can completely trust the quality of this leather wallet.

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3. Wildhorn Men’s Blue Wallet Combo

Wildhorn Men's Blue Wallet Combo

  • This is a blue leather Wildhorn men’s wallet which is the sassiest men’s accessory that you will ever see.
  • Its blue color is definitely the most happening thing that will ever happen to your wardrobe.
  • If you love to be out of the box and want to add a dazzle to your wardrobe, this is a must buy for someone like you.
  • It has a gloss finish and rich texture that makes it look like an expensive gift whereas it is completely affordable and sustainable.
  • Whoever touches this peculiar blue colored leather wallet is going to be smitten by its ultimate quality.
  • This wallet is going to make the best gift for your male friend or partner.

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2. Bogesi Blue Men’s wallet

Bogesi Blue Men's wallet

  • This is an out of the box wallet with a peculiar pocketbook like shape.
  • Since it has a unique shape it makes the wallet extremely good looking and a popular choice for
  • Its compartments include:
  • A zipper pouch- this is to safely secure your valuable items such as the ID proof or cash
  • 5 credit card slots
  • A couple of photo window
  • You might be surprised to know that it is only a 100gms in
  • Its pocketbook shape is perfectly appropriate for a professional who is always on-the-go for travels and business meetings.
  • Its leather has a waterproof coating.

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1. Hornbull Men’s Brown Wallet and Belt Combo

Hornbull Men's Brown Wallet and Belt Combo

  • This is a 2-in-1 combo that includes amen’s wallet and a men’s belt.
  • It is a perfect purchase for a gentleman which comes with two of must-have men’s
  • The wallet in this amazing combi has:
  • Two secret compartments
  • Three credit card slots
  • Two cash compartments
  • One coins chamber
  • The leather wallet is tan brown in color and looks absolutely vintage.
  • The belt is a standard 35mm size for men.

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a wallet is a man’s most loved possession and so it is equally important to have a rather trendy, fashionable yet useful wallet. Go through our entire buying guide carefully and then select the wallet that appeals to you the most. It is only safe to say that a man’s most beloved possession should be thoughtfully selected.

Gift it or use it on your own, the above-mentioned men’s wallets are the best you will ever see.

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