Let me not waste your time explaining why a mosquito killer is an important thing you should have these days. Almost everyone in India knows clearly the diseases and the lives lost just because of this small insect. No one in this world would ever comment that he/she love a mosquito or their bite. Until the past century no one had really come up with any efficient ideas to reduce the mosquito issue, but today we have the technology and ways to kill the mosquito’s or avoid their bites.

There are more than a dozen things on the market today, which could help you get rid of the mosquitos. However, they come from different brands and with same or different specifications. To help you select the best mosquito killers, here are some things you should understand and consider while purchasing the product.

  1. Type of product
  2. Price

Type of product – Mosquito-killer products come in different types. Each type of product has its own advantages and disadvantages.

1. Mosquito-killer aerosol spray

This type of mosquito-killer sprays are specially formulated aerosol sprays that could kill and keep away the mosquitoes for a specific period. This type of mosquito-killers is comparatively cheaper than other products and is easy to use.

Advantages –

  • Easy to use
  • Efficient
  • Quick result
  • Cost efficient


  • Cannot be used if there are kids at home
  • Not compatible for people with lung diseases or skin allergies
  • Some people might find the odor irritating

2. Mosquito-killer bat

This product is perhaps one of the most cost-efficient products to kill the mosquitoes. However, using this product is not as easy as using the aerosol spray. The user literally has to switch on the power in the bat and move the bat towards to mosquito so that it is exposed to the net and is electrocuted. These types of bats could be used for a very long time until it becomes inefficient.


  • Cost efficient
  • Replaceable or rechargeable batteries
  • No side effect issues


  • Cost per bat could be comparatively higher that aerosol sprays
  • Should recharge or replace batteries based on the frequency of use
  • Manual labor required

3. Vapor-based mosquito-killer

This type of mosquito-killer, unlike aerosol sprays, does not have to be sprayed into the void or room, instead, a bottle of fluid is loaded into a small heating device that heats in order to change the fluid into a vapor. This vapor is then emitted to the room or void, which instantly kills the mosquitoes.


  • Comparatively more cost-efficient that aerosol sprays and mosquito-killer bats
  • Easy to use
  • Quick result and could protect more area that an aerosol spray could provide


  • Not compatible for people with skin allergies or lung diseases
  • Could not be used without a power supply
  • Not recommended to be used in a room with kids below 6-years age.

4. UV based mosquito-killer

This type of mosquito-killer is an advanced portable version of a mosquito-killer bat. Yes, it is, the only difference is that this device uses UV rays to attract mosquitoes and then these mosquitoes are trapped in between the electrified nets that eventually electrocutes and kills the mosquitoes.


  • No human labor required
  • No side effect issues
  • Compatible for indoor and outdoor use
  • Kills multiple insects


  • The device could look bulky
  • Works only if there is a power supply
  • Not as efficient as aerosol sprays, vapor based killers
  • The device could be expensive

Based on the above-mentioned factors, here is a list of best mosquito-killer on the Indian market right now.

1. Good Knight Activ+ Combi (Machine + Refill)

Good Knight Activ+ Combi

The brand Good Knight has always been one of the best marketers of mosquito-killing products in India for a very long time. The Activ+ mosquito-killing device comes with a highly power efficient heating system that could ensure the appropriate release of Activ+ mosquito killing fluid as vapor. The product comes incorporated with dual mode operation feature and the user could choose the mode according to the situation. One of the notable things about this product is that it is easy to switch the refill fluid bottle with a new one.

Price – INR 85/- approx

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2. RAREERAM 2 in 1 Rechargeable Mosquito/Insect Racket Bat with Detachable LED Torch – Multicolor

RAREERAM 2 in 1 Rechargeable Mosquito

Unlike the above-listed product, this product is a mosquito-killing bat. You might be familiar with the product as it looks like a tennis bat and is one of the most used mosquito-killing products used in India. This model mosquito-killing bat comes with a replaceable battery and a built-in LED torch feature. Compared to other mosquito bats this model comes with comparatively less weight. One of the notable things about this product is that if you install a rechargeable battery, the product is designed in such a way that the battery pack could be detached from the head portion and plugged into the power supply for recharging.

Price – INR 500/- approx

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3. Hunter Brand Mosquito Killer Swatter Zapper Bat

Hunter Brand Mosquito Killer Swatter Zapper Bat

Unlike the above listed mosquito-killing bat, this one comes with a sturdy and durable design. The bat weights comparatively more than other bats but the size of the bat is comparatively smaller than other models. This mosquito-killer bat is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The manufacturer offers a 6-months warranty on the product and the product comes inbuilt with a rechargeable battery. Unlike other mosquito-killer bats, this bat has triple layer bet that prevents any accidental shocks making it suitable for use near small babies.

Price – INR 600/- approx

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4. HIT Spray Dengue and Malaria Killer (400ml)

HIT Spray Dengue and Malaria Killer

The brand HIT has been on the market with insect killer sprays for a very long time. This product from the brand HIT is one of the most efficient mosquito-killer sprays available on the market right now. However, if you are a person with dust allergies or aerosol allergy, its better you avoid buying this product as it could not prove healthy. I have been personally using this product for some time and it has proved very efficient in getting rid of the mosquitoes. This product is specially designed to kill almost every type of mosquito and especially the ones that cause malaria.

Price – INR 94/- approx

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5. Hygiene Philips 40W Jumbo Flying Insect Killer Uv Tube Insect Catcher Bug Zapper Repellent Machine

Hygiene Philips 40W Jumbo Flying Insect Killer

Unlike the mosquito-killer bat and spay listed above this product works on electricity and kills insects especially mosquitoes by electrocuting them. This product comes from the brand Philips that offers a 1-year warranty on the product. This insect killer machine comes incorporated with top quality UV bulbs and starters that are efficient to attract the mosquitoes and electrocute them. The device does not consume much power and is the best recommended for people who do not prefer using a mosquito-killer spray or mosquito-killer bat.

Price – INR 4,500/- approx

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6. All Out All Night Mosquito and Fly Spray (30ml, Blue)

All Out All Night Mosquito and Fly Spray

In the beginning, there were only a few brands that marketed mosquito-killer spray. Not all of them were efficient. This product from the brand All Out comes with a 12-hour protection feature that ensures 100% no mosquito bites within this period. The product is easy to use and all you have to do is simply remove the cap and squeeze the button.

Price – INR 170/- approx

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The above-mentioned list has different types of mosquito-killer products that range from aerosol sprays to electric devices.

Check the buying guide above, understand the advantages and disadvantages and then, purchase the product.

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