Summers are approaching in India and the frequency of the power cuts would increase. In such a case, it becomes really difficult to spend the day in heat of the sun. The good part is that today, there are many rechargeable fans available in the market which can ease of your pain and provide you some comfort in midst of the hot summer day.

If you had been planning to buy a rechargeable Fan and if you are not sure about which one to buy then do not worry as here is a buying guide along with the list of best fans available in the market.

Advantages of Using Rechargeable Fan

Advantages of using a Rechargeable Fan are

  • The fan can provide you relief in heat when there is a power cut and the fact is that power cuts are quite frequent in India.
  • This is an inexpensive way to deal with the heat as setting up an inverter could be costly.
  • These fans are also an amazing gadget for students as it can increase their efficiency in the summer and they can carry on with their studies easily.
  • Most of the fans also have an inbuilt light which can work as an emergency light during a power cut.

Best Buy Rechargeable Fans in India Online 2019

1. Akari AK – 81000 10 Inch Rechargeable Fan with LED Light

Akari AK – 81000 10 Inch Rechargeable Fan

  • This fan is available in 4 sizes, the most commonly sold size is 10 inches but you can also buy a 6 inch, 8 inches and 12-inch
  • The model also has an LED light with DC Solar Panel Socket.
  • The fan has 2 speed modes and the speed can be adjusted easily with just one button. In addition to this, the fan also works on AC as well as DC power.
  • The fan offers a battery backup of up to 6 hours.

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2. CITRA JY Super 5590 Powerful Rechargeable Fan

CITRA JY Super 5590 Powerful Rechargeable Fan

  • The size of this model is 7 inches and it also has 2 speed adjustments along with the LED Lights.
  • The battery backup offered by this model is 4 hours of fan time or 8 hours of light time.
  • The height and the direction of the fan can easily be adjusted and the fan has a 15 days warranty.

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3. Spacelite 6 Inch Rechargeable Portable Fan

Spacelite 6 Inch Rechargeable Portable Fan

  • This is basically a personal fan with 6 inches of blade diameter. The fan also has two speed modes like all other models.
  • The height of the fan can easily be adjusted and the fan offers a backup of 4 to 6 hours which is dependent on the speed of the fan-chosen by the user.
  • The fan can also be charged with the USB port of the computer and that is one of the best advantages of the fan

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4. Mr. Light F400 Rechargeable Fan

Mr. Light F400 Rechargeable Fan

  • This fan is a little expensive but it is worth your money. The fan has a diameter of 12 inches.
  • The battery of fan can last for 72 hours and it also has a remote to control the fan.
  • The LED lights can function for 200 hours straight as the fan has a high capacity battery.
  • The fan also comes with overcharge protection for the battery.
  • The fan also comes with one year guarantee

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5. DP 14 Inch Blade Rechargeable Table Fan

DP 14 Inch Blade Rechargeable Table Fan

  • The fan has a diameter of 14 inches and the fan has 5 blades which maximize the airflow.
  • The battery provides a back-up for 5 to 8 hours and the height of the fan can easily be adjusted.
  • The fan can also be charged through USB

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If power cuts are frequent in your area then a rechargeable fan is must for you. Do consider all the factors mentioned above before making a final purchase and in addition to this, you may also check the deals available online. Most of the times, the deals available online are better than the deals available on the offline medium.

Buying Guide for A Good Rechargeable Fan

These factors must be considered before buying a portable fan

Battery Life – This is one of the most important factors to consider while purchasing a fan. Remember to buy the fan which offers a good battery backup. There is no point in buying a fan that doesn’t offer a good battery backup.

Price – Some of the rechargeable fans can be really expensive and you may steer clear of those models depending on your budget.

The speed of Fan – Check for the rotational speed of the fan and purchase the funs which have a high rotational speed. In addition to this, you may also want to consider the models with multiple speed setting.

Light – Most of the fans have an inbuilt light but there are some models which do not have this feature. Choose the model as per your utility. If you want you to fan to double up as an emergency light then buy a fan with an inbuilt

Warrant – Batteries are prone to damage with the use and hence it is always advisable to buy a fan which offers some sort of warranty. It would be easier to get the fan repaired or replaced.

I hope this guide will help you to choose the best from the above list.

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