Tool Kits can prove to be really handy for a small repair at home and in addition to this, this is also the bread and butter of the mechanics. There are many tool kits available in the market presently and Bosh is one of the most popular brands for the same. If you are planning to buy a Tool Kit but you are not sure which one to buy then go through this article as we have listed some of the best Tool Kits available in India in 2018.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Tool Kit

There are certain things which you must consider while buying a Tool Kit and some of those points are listed below

-> Drill and Other Power Tool–Most of the tool kits come with the drill set and you must check the power tools that you need must be present in the kit. In addition to this, having a drill proves to be beneficial always as it can help you in getting many jobs done.

-> Number of Pieces– Always consider the number of pieces and the attachments in the kit. Sometimes, the kit may have more pieces than you need and the cost of all those kits would be higher.

-> Carry Case– Do not buy a kit which comes without a carry case as things could easily be misplaced without a carry case. Always buy a kit that comes neatly arranged in a carry case.

-> Price–This totally depends on you and your budget. Set a budget before you start looking out for the Tool Kits and this is how you can get the tools that you need.

-> Essential Tools– Look out for essential tools that you would be needing daily so that you do not have to purchase anything extra. Look out for the spirit level, the measuring tape and other such tools which you frequently use.

Best Buy Tool Kits In India

1. Bosch GSB 10 RE Professional Tool Kit

Bosch GSB 10 RE Professional Tool Kit

  • This kit from Bosh comes with a drill along with the hammer and other important tools. The drill also has heads of different size.
  • The brand offers a 6-month warranty on the kit and the total weight of the kit is about 4.5 Kg.
  • There are a total of 100 accessories in the kit which includes screwdriver bits, wrench, knife, spirit level, key chuck and many other tools.
  • The drill included in the pack can work in both the directions.

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2. Bosch 2.607.002.790 All in One Metal Hand Tool Kit

Bosch 2.607.002.790 All in One Metal Hand Tool Kit

  • This kit is for you if you do not need a drill and the kit is certainly a little cheaper than the other kits in the list.
  • The kit contains a total of 108 pieces along with the essential tools like a screwdriver, screwdriver bits, sockets, Hand Saw, Wrench, Hammer and Plier the kit also has a light and a set of Allen key.

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3. Bosch 2.607.002.791 Tool Kit

Bosch 2.607.002.791 Tool Kit

  • This is one of the most basic tool kits from Bosch and it contains only 12 pieces.
  • The kit includes a wrench, screwdriver, hammer, 7 screwdriver bits, measuring tape and a plier
  • This is a perfect kit for the basic home use and every household should definitely have this kit.

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4. Black + Decker BMT126C Hand Tool Kit (126 Pieces)

Black + Decker BMT126C Hand Tool Kit

  • This is a 126 piece kit from Black + Decker. There are other models available in this kit, one with 108 pieces and the other one with 154 pieces.
  • The kit also comes with a 6-month warranty which is certainly an add-on while purchasing the kit.
  • Some of the items in the kit include a carbon steel blade, torch, screw bits, measuring table, wrench, claw hammer, tester, knife, plier and other hardware.
  • The kit also has a precision screwdriver so as to take up any job that requires a lot of precision.

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5. Stanley 71996IN Ultimate Tool Kit

Stanley 71996IN Ultimate Tool Kit

  • This kit from Stanley is quite popular as it has 242 pieces in total and all the tools included in the kit are rust free.
  • The company also provides a lifetime warranty on the kit against any of the manufacturing defects in the kit.
  • The usual tools in the kit include different types of screwdrivers, different screw bits, plier, hand saw, scissor, precision screwdriver, Allen Key, Wrench, Hammer, blade, torch and some of the consumable parts.

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6. Bosch Mechanic Kit GSB 550 Watt Impact Drill Kit

Bosch Mechanic Kit GSB 550 Watt Impact Drill Kit

  • This is another kit from Bosh on our list and the kit has 122 pieces.
  • The kit also has a power drill which can work at various speeds in both the direction.
  • The kit has other usual tools like the plier, sockets, screwdriver, screw bits, blade, hammer, wrench, drill bits for drilling in metal and wood.
  • The kit also comes with a 6-month

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These are some of the best-selling tool kits available in the market and if you are buying a kit for your household use then do ensure that the kit is out of the reach of the children and be careful while using the drill. Every house should certainly have one such kit as it saves time and money that needs to be spent while getting the repair from the mechanic.

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