We are in the twenty-first century where people are more concerned about their fitness than ever. It is safe to say that man has finally started to acknowledge the benefits and importance of having a fit and healthy body. It is safe to say, that India is one of the most important contributors to fitness in the world. Had it not been for our sages in the bygone eras that performed yoga, the world wouldn’t have known anything about exercising, at all. When talking about Yoga, nothing beats an hour-long stretch of yoga exercises early in the morning with a cold breeze and warm rays.

If you think about earlier times, the sage would perform yoga barefoot on the ground or grass, but since, it is a little incontinent for today’s world we have blessed the mankind with yoga mats for comfortable yet energetic yoga practice.

Buying guide for a yoga mat

Even though yoga mat is an extremely basic thing to buy, yet many people get confused with the wide range of available options in the market. Therefore, given below is a list of tips and guidelines which will help you purchase a worth-it yoga mat.

  • Invest in a brand which is legitimately known for making yoga mats and other yoga-related items.
  • Consider the length of the yoga mat. It is always advisable to purchase a standard length of the yoga mat.
  • Yoga mats come in a variety of material, the thicker the mat, the better your yoga practice will be.
  • Do not purchase a cloth-type yoga mat for it will not have stability and hence, you will not be able to balance while performing yogic exercises.
  • Buy a yoga mat which is re-washable because its cleanliness is important. Do make sure that you clean your yoga mat every once in a while and keep it in a clean surrounding. \

Best Selling yoga mats Online in India 2018

6. NHR EVA 6MM Yoga Mat

NHR EVA 6MM Yoga Mat

  • This is a premium quality yoga mat.
  • It comes with a carry strap for convenient traveling with the yoga mat to your gym class.
  • It is a grey colored yoga mat which guarantees 100% stability.
  • It is made from an anti-skid material.
  • It comes with three animal-shaped wire organizers for added comfort.

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5. Strauss TPE Eco-Friendly Dual Layer Yoga Mat

Strauss TPE Eco-Friendly Dual Layer Yoga Mat

  • This is a long-lasting, re-washable, durable and eco-friendly yoga mat.
  • It is made from a safe-for-environment Thermal Plastic Elastomeric (TPE) material.
  • It is 100% anti-skid and anti-slip.
  • It is made from an advanced technology which offers appreciable rebound resilience.
  • It is made from an odor-free material that ensures your mat is healthy every time you use it.

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4. Iris Yoga mat 3MM PVC Yoga Mat

Iris Yoga mat 3MM PVC Yoga Mat

  • This is a 68 inches long yoga mat which is a standard size for any adult person.
  • Its made from a square-shaped PVC material.
  • It is anti-slip yoga mat that ensures great stability.
  • It comes in a wide variety of color options.

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3. Amazon Basics 13MM Extra Thick Yoga Mat

Amazon Basics 13MM Extra Thick Yoga Mat

  • This is an exclusive product from the Amazon Basics.
  • This is an extraordinarily lengthy 74 inches long yoga mat.
  • It is made from a light yet long-lasting material which offers great resilience, too.
  • It comes with a black colored carrying strap for your convenience.
  • This is an extra thick yoga mat which is to ensure that you enjoy t=your exercise along with convenience and

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2. Quick Shel QS-MSEMMEF Yoga Mat

Quick Shel QS-MSEMMEF Yoga Mat

  • This is an extremely durable yoga mat made of EVA material.
  • It is a 6 feet long yoga mat which is a standard length for every adult.
  • It is made o re-washable
  • It is a light-weight yoga mat with the highest anti-skid property.

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1. Yogi Fitness Yoga Mat

Yogi Fitness Yoga Mat

  • This is a bright red colored yoga mat.
  • It is made of EVA material which is the best quality material used for making yoga mats.
  • It is re-washable.
  • This is an odor-proof material which does not carry any bad odors.
  • It is a 6 feet long yoga mat fir for any average to tall sized person.
  • This is a half-inch thick yoga mat which offers great resilience and rebound capacity.

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A yoga mat is not only good for your status symbol but having it will encourage you to be active in your fitness regime. Since a fit and healthy body is of extreme importance, it is for your best interest if you invest some time in your health and perform yoga every day for at least 30 minutes. Buy a yoga mat today and stay motivated, energetic and fit.

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